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Book Review: “How Successful People Think”

December 28, 2012

Types of Thinking:

Big picture, focused, creative, realistic, strategic, possibility, reflective, non-popular, shared, unselfish, and bottom-line. That’s 11 kinds of thinking that are discussed by John C. Maxwell in his book “How Successful People Think”. John Maxwell draws from his own life lessons about what it takes to be a ‘good thinker’, and the fact that it’s a learned skill. Anybody can do it, but it’s not easy otherwise everyone would have already done it. The book is filled with great quotations that really supplement his points, and give them an independent confirmation.

How to prepare for Good Thinking:

Not surprisingly, it takes a lot. There are many different variations on exactly what technique to use, but the core features are shared among them all. First, you have to want it. You need to focus yourself mentally to become a good thinker. Next, you need to create a supportive environment around you, since most people are not good thinkers. You need to spend time with people that are also good thinkers. Once you have the right people in your life, you then need to focus on environments conducive to your concentration and focus: a location, a time of day, etc.

Things to avoid:

Lots of status-quo thinking, negativity, people that tell you it’s impossible, or other things that detract from your focus. The book enumerated many different ways life/people can disuade you from focusing and achieving.

Takeaways for me:

Keeping a list of goals at varying time scales: daily, weekly, monthly, semi-yearly. Writing those goals down: if you can’t write them down on the back of a business card, you don’t understand them clearly, and therefore probably can’t reach them. Continue to blog/write, because unless you can write your ideas down, you don’t really understand them yourself.


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