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IntelliJ 12, Grails, Spring Insight don’t integrate

April 11, 2013

This evening at Denver Java User Group (DJUG), I saw an impressive presentation on Spring’s Insight tool. Spring Insight will work with any Tomcat based web container, namely Apache Tomcat and the enterprise version of that Spring tcServer.

Here is a Youtube video of how to run a Grails app in a tcServer instance, and therefore gather metrics on it using Spring Insight. This works fine when you use SpringToolSuite’s (STS) or Groovy and Grails Tools Suite (GGTS) tcServer capabilities. Both of these tool suites, are customized versions of Eclipse maintained by Spring Source.

I am an IntelliJ user, so naturally I tried to find a blog post or some documentation on how to accomplish this task using IntelliJ. Unfortunately, I found out that this IDE integration between Grails apps and tcServer doesn’t exist yet in IntelliJ 12. There is however non-Grails Java webapp integration with tcServer for IntelliJ.


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