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JDK8 command line changes

July 17, 2013

OpenJDK 8 has made a few changes to it’s command line tools.


The JDK annotation processing tool has been removed as promised by the JDK7 deprecation warning. This tool was a useful in Java 5, but soon Java 6 added JSR-269 (with the addition of these packages javax.annotation.processing and javax.lang.model.*) to remove the need for the apt command line tool.


jjs is command line access to the JavaScript REPL of the new engine named Nashorn. Just like Node.js REPL and other JS REPL it’s purpose is to allow “shebang” scripts to execute from the command line. More details on Nashorn and JJS are available here:


In preparation for JDK 9’s Project Jigsaw module system, the jdeps static dependency tool has been added to JDK 8. Below is an example Java class, along with jdeps verbose output and jdeps help options. You’ll notice below “jdeps -P” prints profile “compact1”. Profiles are brand new in JDK 8 and there are 3 types: compact1, compact2, and compact3. More details on the profiles here:

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