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JSR335: Method and Constructor References

August 14, 2013

A method reference is a way to refer to a method or constructor without invoking it. There are multiple forms of method/constructor references:

  • static methods – System::getProperty
  • instance methods – String::length or “abc”::length
  • superclass methods – super::toString
  • constructors – ArrayList::new or int[]::new

Method/Constructor references can be disambiguated by the functional interface targeted by the expression. The JDK already provides a package java.util.function filled with 43 functional interfaces that can and should be used for FunctionalInterface targets whenever possible. Getting familiar with all of these and their naming conventions is worth the small time investment.

NOTE: the JDK source code uses methods references heavily in functions such as map, collect, reduce, etc. The next major usage is in Comparator.comparing() static methods on the java.util.Comparator interface.

The examples below are provided from the JLS 8:

The examples here are some I wrote:


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