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Ruby on Rails 4.0 Guide

August 27, 2013

Ruby on Rails 4.0 Guide by Stefan Wintermeyer

I downloaded a free copy of this book during a 1-day promotion found on Ruby Weekly newsletter. This book is very affordable if purchased on Amazon for $10 USD.

The book is laid out so that beginners can jump to the relevant sections for reference after reading the book. The chapters of the book are as follows: Ruby (very basic), Rails getting started, ActiveRecord, Scaffolding/REST, Routes, Testing, Cookies/Sessions, Mailer, I18N, Bundler, Asset Pipeline, JavaScript, Forms, Caching, production mode, and finally tips and tricks.

The book felt very much like Rails Guides with some real world advice sprinkled in at specific points. Virtually every CLI interaction was illustrated with the command and the full response which seemed a bit excessive at times. The Pragmatic’s Rails 4 book is definitely far more comprehensive, but can be a bit overwhelming to absolute beginners. My favorite chapters were definitely the caching and production mode, but that might have something to do with those being some of the longer chapters in the book.

Overall, I’d recommend the book to absolute beginners that just wants to get started as fast as possible for $10.


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