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Reveal.js on Github Pages

December 15, 2013

I’ve always been a fan of HTML5 Presentation software, and after reviewing the potential offerings in that space, I selected Reveal.js because of its feature set and also its documentation. I decided to host this on Github Pages because the presentation would live in an orphaned branch in my git repository that could contain associated code examples. With this appraoch, I have complete independence from any slide sharing website like:, prezi or slideshare. The git repository allows me to maintain a complete copy of my entire history and code. Thankfully setting this up is extremely fast and easy.

Setup Instructions for Reveal.JS on Github Pages

  1. Create a new github repository, or use an existing one – whatever makes sense.
  2. git checkout –orphan gh-pages # this creates and switches to an orphan branch named ‘gh-pages’. The name ‘gh-pages’ must be exact for github pages to work.
  3. Remove all files and subdirectories from new ‘gh-pages’ branch.
  4. Download a released version of Reveal.JS
  5. For tar.gz file format run: tar zxf reveal.js-2.6.1.tar.gz –strip 1 in your gh-pages branch. Now all the reveal.js files should be in your directory.
  6. Commit, then git push -u origin gh-pages
  7. After a few minutes, you can view this sample Reveal.JS project at vaskoz – github user, and rubyconf2013 – repo.
  8. Make changes index.html for presentation content. Refer to the for Reveal.JS for comprehensive documentation.

For an example Github Repo, please refer here.


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