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Dreams from My Father

February 6, 2014

Dreams from My Father (wikipedia)

I really enjoyed the memoirs of then pre-public official Barack Obama: his style of writing frequently evoked the senses by comparisons which helped to visualize his experiences. The book runs fairly chronologically from his early life in Hawaii to his move to Indonesia and life in the continental USA. The end of the book went into great detail about his trip to Kenya prior to starting in Harvard Law School.

The challenges in Barack Obama’s early childhood taught him to adapt, fight for what he wanted, and not to expect too much from others. His multiracial heritage and absent father caused him to frequently question his place in the world. His mother’s life choices as she lived her life and followed her instincts took them to the other side of the world and exposed him to different cultures and environments. Through all of this, the constant values and support provided by his mother gave him the courage to change the circumstances of his life with confidence.

His work ethic was clearly demonstrated by his actions in nearly all stages of his life. His work as a community organizer was difficult and impoverished with few rewards during the early years. It is only through his patience and perseverance did he accomplish so much for the south-side of Chicago. His energy and commitment to helping others is what brought together these communities in Altgeld Gardens despite their reluctance and lack of faith.

I’m looking forward to reading his new book “The Audacity of Hope”: the title of that book was referenced as the title of one of the first sermons he attended in Chicago.


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