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The Audacity of Hope

March 2, 2014

The Audacity of Hopethe US Senator Barack Obama

Just as his last book, I found it difficult to stop reading Barack Obama’s narrative of the hard-work, luck, sacrifice and good intentions of public office. Hearing about the people that make the politics from an insider’s perspective gave me new appreciation and respect for those that serve in public office. Although the general public often criticize and attribute malice to unwanted political actions, truly both sides respect each other as citizens trying to do what they feel is right for the country. The details of the life of a US Senator along with the descriptions of the interactions with the public allowed me to imagine those moments and empathize.

The story was balanced between public life and personal life depicting many personal moments in each. A part of the book even described Barack’s meeting of his future wife Michelle at a law firm and his courtship of her, and being there for support after her father’s death. After their marriage, and after his public life began, Barack’s demanding schedule placed an undue burden on Michelle to manage household responsibilities and this caused more than a little resentment. While describing his demanding job, he’d often describe a family call that interrupted the chaos of his day to juxtapose those two starkly different worlds.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as “Dream from my Father”, but it was still a great insight into public life.


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