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Sorting Comparison: Go vs Java

March 15, 2014

Sorting is probably the most common operation done by computers throughout their entire history. As a Java/JVM developer, I thought I’d do a quick benchmark to compare Java and Go’s sorting standard library algorithms by sorting ONE BILLION integers.

Both Java’s java.util.Arrays.sort(int[]) and Go’s sort.Ints([]int) use a version of Quicksort as their implementation. This benchmark just tests these two standard library implementations against each other. In the future I will implement a set of algorithms in both Java and Go and perform my own benchmarks for the exact same algorithm.

The “results.txt” file below contains the summary of the test results, but the spoiler is Java beat Go in sorting in all situations. Also, if we test using java.util.Arrays.parallelSort(int[])  into the comparison the test becomes even more lopsided. Java’s parallelSort uses a variation of merge sort which uses O(n) extra memory but performs X times faster where X is equal to the number of processing cores available.


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