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Hi there.

I’m a technologist living in Denver, CO with a focus on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Langauge, Ruby Language (JRuby, MRI, Rubinius, mruby) and now Golang. I am also a Lucene/Solr certified developer. I also have project experience with Groovy/Grails, ElasticSearch, Web technologies (html/css/js) and OpenCV. I’m also a snowboarder, an avid reader (addicted to Kindle), and lifelong learner.

View on technologies I use

I’m a firm believer in the power of the JVM and its status as the superior platform on which applications execute regardless of programming language. The category I most post to is named “Java”, not because of the language but because of the virtual machine and all the technologies and languages that run on it.

The technologies I always keep a close eye on:

  • Spring framework and JEE 7+ – I have a long history of experience with both as they’re still the most popular approaches for building Java Enterprise Applications.
  • Groovy/Grails – under the covers uses the Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM to make specifically web application development an absolute pleasure.
  • Torquebox – Best way to run Rails on the JVM. Supported by RedHat. Runs Rails apps inside battle tested JBoss application server with a nice array of benefits and features from running on JBoss.
  • Scala Programming Language – The language promises to be a Java Language killer, but with the new features coming in Java 8, that seems even less likely.

Interesting Accomplishments

I’ve competed in various programming competitions and challenges: Rails Rumble (3 years in a row), TopCoder (algorithms), Google CodeJam, and other smaller contests.

I’ve received 4 certificates of distinguished accomplishment for technical coursework with many more classes in progress for completion by the end of 2013.

For a list of work related accomplishments please refer to my Linkedin Profile (vaskoz).

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